5 Videos Of The Most Stupid Rednecks | Rednecks And Fire Do Not Mix

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Pabst Beer

Oh say can you see, by the fiery sight, that the rednecks have come, and torched up the night.

There is certainly a persona that exists today, and most people who embody the particular persona captured here would most likely be called a “Redneck.”

We can thank Jeff Foxworthy and his traveling redneck commune of comedians, Blue Collar Comedy, for putting these beloved, although a bit crazy, people on the map. You might be a redneck if… you think the last line of the national anthem is “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

Now that we are a little more familiar with the dahlin’ redneck, let’s take a look right her’ at a montage of videos, which make good testament as to why rednecks and fire don’t mix.

Enjoy, but y’all come back you hear!?

Why Rednecks Shouldn’t Start Bonfires

Good thing he doesn’t have hair as he just started the Redneck Hiroshima!

Redneck Fireworks

Now you too can make your very own, homemade, Redneck fireworks. Woo hoo!

Fire Stunt Gone Wrong

Stupid is as stupid does. What stunt man would set himself on fire without so much of a blanket to snuff the fire?! What? Don’t they teach kids about stop, drop and roll anymore?


Unfortunately, burning glasses of gas and shovels don’t mix either. Rated “M” for language…

Start A Fire – Redneck Style

Rednecks live in Canada too, and this one here demonstrates how to light a fire with a cigarette and a bottle rocket. And don’t forget the beer.

And, I just had to throw these two in… just for fun!

Pull the Pin, Toss the Grenade…

Ok, so this one isn’t about fire, specifically, but I think it deserves a place in this post… Toss it man! Toss it!

What Would A Redneck Be Without His Redneck Woman?

Let’s salute this last video and go out with a bang. To all you Redneck women.

… And, gentlemen, start your engines!

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