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Artist Zane Wylie Has Hawaiian Inspired Human Skull Replicas For Tiki Bars

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Artist Zane Wylie Has Hawaiian Inspired Human Skull Replicas For Tiki Bars

Zane Wylie has the carved skulls you need for your home! Contact the artist today to find out more about his hand-carved pieces today!

Are you looking to decorate a tiki bar or themed room? Are you into skulls? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Zane Wylie has the perfect decorative art pieces for you!

The Alexandria, Virginia-based artist has just announced the launch of his latest line of replica human skulls. The pieces are carved with Hawaiian motifs and are modeled after actual skulls.

Go to to find out more!

If you like skulls, then this latest release will help you find a unique, hand-carved piece. If you’re looking to design a tiki themed room, then the skulls’ Hawaiian carvings will make the perfect decoration!

Artist Zane Wylie specializes in producing art made from both real human skulls and reproductions. He hand carves and paints each of his pieces and is especially interested in traditional Celtic, Viking and Christian symbols. Having worked extensively with genuine skulls, Wylie is proficient in creating convincing replicas.

Zane Wylie’s newest line of skull replicas is designed to be mounted on your wall. Besides featuring traditional Polynesian designs and patterns, the skulls are fitted with a carved Hawaiian hook and brightly colored feathers.

The intricately carved pieces took the artist over 117 hours to complete. The handmade skull replicas are available in limited quantities online – so get yours today!

Besides this series of tiki themed wall hanging skull replicas, Wylie has also designed several Celtic, Day of the Dead, Viking and Harry Potter themed pieces. Look at his complete collection on his website.

Zane Wylie’s work has been recognized for its high level of detail and unique design. The artist’s carved skulls and skull reproductions have also appeared as props for several TV shows and movies, including AMC’s The Preacher and NBC’s Constantine.

This latest announcement is in line with Zane Wylie’s commitment to creating high-quality skull-based artwork. Moreover, his extensive collections have received several positive reviews from clients for their quality design and artistic value.

One satisfied client said: “Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Such a beautiful and unique skull reproduction. I will purchase another one again soon. Pictures don’t do the pieces justice at all.”

Get one of Zane Wylie’s tiki themed skulls before they run out! Go to to purchase your own today!

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