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Breaking Musical Records: F.M.E.O Dixon Offers Song Art NFT For Whopping $1.2M

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Breaking Musical Records: F.M.E.O Dixon Offers Song Art NFT For Whopping $1.2M

F.M.E.O Dixon is proud to release his latest single, whose artwork is being sold as an NFT for $1.2 million. It is the first-ever music NFT to be put on sale at that price.

Changing the way you listen to music, a new hip-hop artist is looking to shatter records and defy the odds in musical technology.

F.M.E.O (For My Ears Only) Dixon has become the first-ever recording artist to offer his NFT for $1.2 million. The rising hip-hop sensation explains that the NFT of the artwork of his new track, “Jesus and Chakra”, signifies a change in how you view religion and spirituality.

You can listen to the track now at 

The announcement solidifies Dixon’s position as a force to be reckoned with. Music critics hail the up-and-coming star not only for his musical prowess but for his innovation towards technology as well. The hip-hop artist is one of the first musicians to offer images related to his work as NFTs, which are sold and auctioned in a digital marketplace.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs operate on blockchain technology that is powered on a decentralized platform of commerce. Through these digital marketplaces, artists can sell their work with a unique token that is called an NFT.

Though often confused with cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens are different. An NFT carries a distinctive code, making it a one-of-a-kind token for trading. These tokens are then used by digital artists who want to promote their work in the virtual sphere. Similar to traditional licensing, owners of an NFT have rights to the artwork, though the original artist can still promote their works online.

F.M.E.O Dixon has broken records by being the first hip-hop artist to sell the NFT of his artwork for more than a million dollars. The artist discusses that this milestone not only highlights the move of the music industry towards a decentralized platform but signals a change in how you view Christianity.

Further details can be found at 

He says that you may not associate Christ with chakra cleansing but to accept one is to acknowledge the other. Christianity often speaks about becoming one with the Lord by accepting the divinity of the Holy Trinity—aspects that require a complete surrender to energy. Through the guidance of Jesus, you can expand the chakras and experience enlightenment.

The hip-hop star says that he intends to produce music videos of his tracks soon.

Keep up with the time and learn more about this hip-hop sensation today!

You can follow his page at so you can learn more.

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