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Surely you can’t ride dirt bikes on water. After all, the clue is in the name. You know, dirt bikes… dirt and bikes These things are meant to be ridden on dry land, obviously.

However, Robbie Maddison doesn’t abide by the same rules as us mere mortals, and decided he wanted to ride his motorbike in the sea.

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Dave Grohl’s Italian fans really want the Foo Fighters to play in their country. So much so that 1,000 of them recently got together to perform Learn To Fly.

Singers, drummers, guitarists, and bassists were all involved, the intention being to grab Grohl’s attention to the point he can’t refuse the request.

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It’s fair to say Cara Delevingne didn’t have the best of interviews when she appeared on Good Day Sacramento to promote her new film Paper Towns.

In fact, the whole thing was really awkward, with the anchors asking dumb questions, and Delevingne acting like a petulant child. Then again she is a model.

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It’s rather bizarre to think about it, but breakfasts differ wildly around the world. So, what’s eaten in Japan would make people in Norway turn their noses up, and vice versa.

I guess it’s not all that surprising, but the range in tastes and textures people think make the perfect start to the day vary so massively, it’s quite difficult to get your head around it.

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YouTuber Shane Dawson has come out as bisexual. And no one really gives a crap.

Those who know who he is — an annoying nobody who posts videos online — will still like him, and those who don’t won’t care one iota. Which is as it’s should be.

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The vast majority of Americans will be celebrating Independence Day on July 4th, but how many of them actually know what they’re celebrating?

If this video is anything to go by, very few. They know it’s Independence Day, but they know little beyond that. Including which country the United States won independence from, and when this all took place.

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As you may be aware, we all gained an extra second of time yesterday, as a leap second was added to June 30th in order to keep time ticking on accurately.

The Earth spins slightly unevenly, which is why these leap seconds need to be added every now and again. But why do leap seconds cause problems?

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I Am Chris Farley is a new documentary looking at the life and legacy of comedian Chris Farley, who appeared on 100 episodes of Saturday Night Live, as well as a number of of films and television shows.

Farley died tragically young at the age of just 33, his body unable to cope with the cocktail of cocaine and morphine he had taken. Which means this documentary is tinged with sadness.

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I think it’s safe to assume Shia LaBeouf is having some sort of episode at the moment. The latest evidence that all is not right is this video showing the actor performing a freestyle rap in a park somewhere.

Because that’s totally normal behavior, especially from someone who has more money in the bank than most people will earn in their entire lifetime.

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Gay people can now get married in all 50 states of the United States of America. This comes as a result of The Supreme Court of the United States ruling that the 14th Amendment of the Constitution means same-sex couples must be given the same rights as heterosexual couples.

And about time too.

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