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Anything that is just a bit bizarre, a bit strange, a bit confusing, a bit weird or just a bit “Off The Wall”. Videos with a difference can be found here.

Anchorman is one of my favorite films of all time. It’s hilarious funny, and a scarily accurate portrayal of American news anchors.

However, every country now has news anchors, including the UK. And British news anchors tend to be a little more polite and unthreatening than their American counterparts.

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Dunkey makes some of the funniest videos on YouTube. Especially if you’re into video games and can appreciate his unique takes on the big franchises.

In this, his latest video, he takes on E3 2017, which is currently taking place in Los Angeles, California. Dunkey isn’t at E3, but he certainly has some opinions on everyone who is.

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Cacti are prickly for a reason. It’s their defense mechanism against predators, who quickly learn to steer clear of these dangerous plants.

Unfortunately, humans have evolved to a point where they can override natural instincts. Which means some idiot will choose to body slam a cactus.

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Fathers can be very overprotective when it comes to their daughters. Sons, not so much, but dads sometimes have a tendency to smother their daughters with love.

This video shows what happens when an overprotective dad has a not-so-hidden agenda. One which involves him finding love in the arms of another.

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This guy is desperate to own a pet. A pet rock, to be precise. So he finds one, attaches a collar, and then experience pet ownership for the first time.

I recommend you watch this video with an open mind. Because while it starts out as a dumb idea, it ends up being a heartfelt exploration of pet ownership.

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You know when you’ve gone too far with your hatred of Donald Trump when even The Young Turks are disgusted by your actions.

So it is with the photo of Kathy Griffin holding up the severed and bloody head of a dummy resembling Donald Trump.

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Everyone likes a good movie blooper. Most of us don’t spot them until we have them pointed out to us, but once seen, they can never be unseen.

Some movie bloopers are so good directors keep them in the final cut. And this video offers a handful of prime examples.

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This video shows Americans trying a traditional English breakfast, which consists of a fry up of sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, and black pudding.

Despite what the woman at the beginning says, most Brits do not eat this every day. It’s an occasional weekend treat, if that. Hence her giggle when she said it.

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Russell Howard is a British comedian who sometimes, though not very often, makes me laugh. However, in this video, cribbed from one of his standup shows, he outdoes himself.

This anecdote takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. From sadness at the thought of a young kid with cancer, to delight at the idea that that same kid could be pranking a comedian.

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Modern technology can be quite annoying. Not for those using it, but for those on the periphery seeing it being used.

One example of this is when someone conducts a phone call using a bluetooth earpiece, leading you to think they’re talking to you. Another example is people asking Siri random questions in public.

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