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Japan loves its dogs. However, rather than just own them, the Japanese like to stick their dogs on game shows. OK, not the whole population, but enough to make this a thing.

Thankfully, it’s not cruel, and no dogs were harmed in the making of this video. Not harmed, but definitely confused. Just as I would have been under similar circumstances.

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I rather like a trip to Ikea. I like their furniture, I like their meatballs, and I don’t mind the fact their shops are giant, windowless boxes.

However, Ikea isn’t to everyone’s tastes, especially men who are dragged there by their partners. Which is why this guy decided to make the experience more enjoyable.

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For some unexplained reason GIFs are extremely popular online. I mean, I get that they’re easy shortcuts for people too lazy to watch a video or read an article, but still.

Regardless, GIFs are so popular that there are a ton of apps now available catering only to those who want to create and share them. Idiots, I think they’re called.

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It turns out that Pitch Perfect isn’t a movie about a group of girls overcoming their differences to be an awesome a capella singing group. No, you’re wrong.

Pitch Perfect is actually an exposé of the truth behind 9/11. That’s right folks, Anna Kendrick knows the truth, and she’s willing to share it all with us through the power of singing and dancing.

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Eating contests are commonplace, with humans pitching themselves against each other in battles to see who can eat certain foodstuffs the fastest.

But I have never before seen an eating contest in which a human faces off against a dog. I mean, the dog is odds-on to win, right?

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New Old Spice commercials come along more often than buses, and thankfully, most of them are awesome.

They’re some of the most inventive adverts I have ever seen, which isn’t bad for an aftershave that no one under the age of 50 would ever use.

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Surely you can’t ride dirt bikes on water. After all, the clue is in the name. You know, dirt bikes… dirt and bikes These things are meant to be ridden on dry land, obviously.

However, Robbie Maddison doesn’t abide by the same rules as us mere mortals, and decided he wanted to ride his motorbike in the sea.

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Well done, Philadelphia, you have managed to make the United States of America look bad in the eyes of the entire world. And all for killing an innocent robot.

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Dave Grohl’s Italian fans really want the Foo Fighters to play in their country. So much so that 1,000 of them recently got together to perform Learn To Fly.

Singers, drummers, guitarists, and bassists were all involved, the intention being to grab Grohl’s attention to the point he can’t refuse the request.

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The United States had a rather momentous month in June, with the Confederate flag being banned from most states, and gay marriage being legalized in all states.

This is progress towards equality. It’s accepting that while intolerance still exists, the authorities aren’t going to stand by and let that intolerance fester.

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