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Anything that is just a bit bizarre, a bit strange, a bit confusing, a bit weird or just a bit “Off The Wall”. Videos with a difference can be found here.

Minecraft is a gaming phenomenon. It’s simple, available on almost every platform you can think of, and beloved by those who play it.

However, how on Earth do you explain what Minecraft is all about to someone who has never played it?

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As a bit of a grammar Nazi myself, it’s refreshing to see this subject tackled in a song. Even better, in a song by Weird Al, who from this moment forth can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes.

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It’s the 4th of July! Which means a great deal to everybody in the United States but nothing to anyone else. Honestly, the rest of the world couldn’t give two hoots.

However, British people do celebrate Independence Day in their own special way. As revealed in this video.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been plenty of things in his time… Mr. Universe, The Terminator, The Governator, and others I’m probably too drunk to remember.

But forget all those former assignations. Arnie AKA Mr. Schwarzenegger is now The Fartzenegger.

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Music videos range in quality from the utterly banal to the uproariously brilliant. Just yesterday we saw an example of the latter, with The Writing’s On The Wall by OK Go.

But happens when you remove the music from a famous music video? So it becomes just a video?

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When OK Go release a new music video it’s worth paying attention, because unlike so many other bands around today, they actually make an effort to entertain.

The latest music video from OK Go is no exception. Titled The Writing’s On The Wall, it features a host of optical illusions and visual trickery all shot in one take.

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The Old Spice commercials from the past few years have pushed the boundaries when it comes to our idea of what an advert should be.

But this latest one, featuring Terry Crews drilling his way to Brazil and beyond, takes the insanity to a whole new level.

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Forget the abomination that was Dumb and Dumberer. This is Dumb and Dumber To, the true sequel to the original Dumb and Dumber movie.

It stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the lead roles, as they play the exact same characters as in the original. Which is exactly what the fans wanted to see.

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Nintendo has shown off a host of new games for the Wii U and 3DS. The big names of Mario and Zelda are both back in new titles, which is bound to give the Japanese company a boost.

It needs it too, as the Wii U hasn’t exactly flown off store shelves as of yet.

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Steve Ballmer has bought the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion. He won the bidding to take over the franchise from Donald Sterling, who has been banned for life after being caught making racist statements.

However, it’s entirely possible the Clippers have replaced one nutter with another nutter.

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