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Videos and TV Channels devoted to the sport of ten pin bowling. Watch classic bowling moments and hopefully some footage from bowling tournaments.

If you were thinking of getting the kids a Wii for Christmas, you might need to re-think that decision.

Or, at the very least, head warning from this video.

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Being able-bodied (no I’m not gloating), I am constantly amazed by how much disabled people can achieve. That may sound bad but if I find life hard, I can’t even begin to fathom how hard it is for some.

But disabled people prove time and time again that they can do almost everything that an able-bodied person can, and often do it better as well.

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I’m a very average bowler, just partaking in the sport once in a while for fun. Some people though are brilliant at it, and can achieve seemingly impossible feats with their balls.

That’s what happens here when 10 Pin Bowler Norm Duke does his famous Spare Conversion With Spinning Ball trick shot, and ends up a winner.

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The kid in this video was dared by his father to “pick” a 7-9 split. Little Tyler, however, misheard his dad and proceeded to kick the bowling ball!

Sure, he’s using bumpers, but after you see this video, you really won’t care. Even bowling experts couldn’t do this!

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I knew something was up as soon as I saw the ingredients that went into making this video: a can of pledge, toy bowling pins, a laser pointer, and a pug (who happens to be the video-maker’s girlfriend’s dog).

I was not disappointed. What followed was a montage of clips of the pug busting his ass into the bowling pins. He got strikes just about every time, I’m proud to say.

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This guy’s goofing off, most likely after a few too many beers. It’s obvious bowling isn’t his choice of sport, because he seems to not care whether or not he makes a spare on his second bowl.

He throws the ball between his legs, laughing to his friends about how hysterical he is….and then the real magic happens.

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