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Celebrate Ancient Culture With An Engraved Human Thor Warrior Skull Replica Today!

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Celebrate Ancient Culture With An Engraved Human Thor Warrior Skull Replica Today!

Zane Wylie Skulls, a family-run business, has launched its replica Thor Warrior Skull. The engraved skull features several Viking symbols for protection, strength, and courage.

You can now have the power of a god in your home. This engraved human skull is carved with ancient Viking designs praising Thor, the God of Thunder.

Zane Wylie Skulls, a leading supplier of engraved skulls, has launched a Thor Warrior Skull replica used in the production of the AMC television show, “Preacher”. This collector’s item, designed on the replica of a real skull, contains carvings of modern and ancient Celtic and Viking imagery. 

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The Thor warrior skull is a one-of-a-kind piece meant for niche collectors. The intricate carvings draw from the mythology of Thor, especially with the skull is missing its lower jaw. The skull is being offered at a discounted price for a limited time and can be bought on its own or with an accompanying stand and dome.

Unlike other niche art collector items, Zane Wylie Skulls uses both real and replica human skulls. Through its relationships with various medical supply companies, museums, and anthropologists, the company has access to old medical training skulls. Because supply is limited, each engraved skull is a unique piece that adds mystique to your home. 

The company offers its Thor warrior skull as a symbol of strength for all those struggling to find peace during these times. The company also supplies a wide range of engraved skulls and takes pride in carvings on real human skulls. A full list of the available products can be found at 

The family-owned and operated business says that it can take anywhere from 20 to 220 hours to carve a design. Each carving represents a different emotion or thought, and each carved skull tells its own story.

Before you purchase anything, you should understand your state laws governing the ownership of real human skulls and remains. Some states have laws that regulate the crossing of state lines with human skulls. 

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