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FunnyOrDie: Will Ferrell’s Comedy Video Site | Only The Funniest Comedy Sketches


FunnyOrDie: Will Ferrell’s Comedy Video Site | Only The Funniest Comedy Sketches


If you haven’t heard by now, Will Ferrell along with Adam McKay have started a comedy video site called ‘Funny Or Die.’ It’s the reason behind those numerous Will Ferrell sketches that keep popping up.

If you want quality comedy videos, look no further. ‘Funny Or Die’ is the next YouTube killer.

So what sets apart from other comedy video sites? Aside from user-generated videos, comedians like Jimmy Fallon and Bill Murray are also featured in exclusive sketches.

The site is founded by Gary Sanchez Productions. It may be named after ex-NFL kicker Gary Sanchez, however, it’s actually operated by Ferrell and McKay. Still, the duo likes to pretend “Mr.Sanchez” currently “lives in Antarctica with his 89 wives and 359 children”.

The Comedy Levels

What keeps the site fresh with great content is its rating system. If a video isn’t rated Funny enough times, it will be sent further down the levels until it reaches “The Crypt”: a frowned-upon group of unfunny videos.

  • Chosen Ones: un-votable Videos made exclusively for These videos are “the shit”.
  • Immortals: Videos that live forever because of 100,000 views and a rating of over 4 . Walking Tall: A rating between 3 and 4. These videos are “in great shape” and “don’t eat carbs”.
  • Kinda Cute: A rating between 2 and 3. These Videos are only worth a chuckle.
  • Uh-Oh: A rating between 1 and 2. These videos are “in poor health” and “eating too much bacon”.
  • The Crypt: Has more than 1000 views and a rating of 1 or less. Videos like these are “flat lined”.

The Landlord

Here we have the legendary “Landlord” video. This video is among the “Chosen Ones” and has at least 50 million views; making it one of the most popular videos on the internet ever.

[Funny Or Die Website]

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