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Get Custom Beats And Vocals At This Denver Edo Trap Remixing Record Label

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Get Custom Beats And Vocals At This Denver Edo Trap Remixing Record Label

The RMXKNG has launched music production services for Denver musicians. The service includes pre-recorded beats, on-site recording, and branded merchandise.

Launch your music career, improve your music and get affordable studio time with custom beats and vocals at Denver’s newest remixing and mastering record label, The RMXKNG!

The RMXKNG, a new record label that produces custom beats and vocals, and provides on-site recording and branded merchandise, has launched in Denver.

Go to for more info.

The newly launched record label offers on-site recording services to independent musicians and artists signed to a label. It provides recording vocals and customized beats tailored to each artist and can be used on their recordings.

The service is provided at an affordable rate. Vocals are priced at $30 for a one-hour minimum session, with mixing and mastering services included. A 50 percent deposit is required, and you will receive an MP3 of your recording at the end of the session.

Pre-recorded beats can be purchased for $100 and up depending on the genre and style, with royalties sold separately.

Production services are also available to purchase. Prices start at $30 per hour and require a three-hour minimum session, with a $15 mix and mastering fee. The price includes a custom-made track with full instrumental, and a $100 deposit is required.

You are invited to schedule an appointment for these services on the website.

Branded merchandise is included in the launch. Customers can find a range of items for sale on the record label’s online shop, including clothes and accessories.

The items feature the RMXKNG logo, and customers can shop popular items on the site, such as phone covers, face masks, crop tops, t-shirts, caps, and socks.

The company says purchasing the branded merchandise helps to support local artists. Prices start at $14, and customers can view the full range of branded merchandise by visiting

You are encouraged to keep up to date with the record label by liking their Facebook page. More information can be found by visiting

The RMXKNG is a Denver-based record label founded by Ventus Kisari, a DJ who specializes in remixing. He discovered the Future Bass genre of music in 2012 and is dedicated to sharing it with others. His passion is mixing, rapping, and producing.

Are you ready to take your music to the next level?

Go to the URLs above for more info on the record label and their services.

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