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How To Be Invisible on Camera | Create A “Mask” To Hide Your Face

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How To Be Invisible on Camera | Create A “Mask” To Hide Your Face

These days, security cameras are everywhere. If you see one at a local gas station or school, chances are that it’s infrared. However, concealing your identity may be easier than you think.

This tutorial shows you how to make a inconspicuous “mask” that may be visible to the public, yet invisible to any IR camera.

Apparently, using just a simple hat, eight high-powered infrared LEDs, tape, and a 9V battery, you can create a mask that only infrared cameras pick up. No human eye will be able to pick up on the light, but the cameras will be blinded.

This is a pretty smart idea but I just have one question. If the human eye can’t see IR light, then how do you know the battery is dead? Also, is it legal to put them on your license plate?

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  1. josh

    February 2, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    unfortunately very easy to filter

  2. Tanya

    December 26, 2016 at 12:10 am

    To answer your question about the battery, i believe you can buy a holder/headset for the 9v battery and wires on Amazon that has an on/off and power light. As for creating an IR mask for your license plate, not suren on that. Police must be able to visually read your license plate which doesnt address recording. it is not illegal for a physical person to avoid surveillance in any state, in public. In a private store/property they can ask you to remove any head covering that prevents identification, ie: bank, pharmacy, mall, etc.

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