Lauren and Neil Perform a Mia Michaels Original | “So You Think You Can Dance” Videos

32 sec read

This is definitely a new twist to Mia Michaels’ contemporary choreography talent. Here she speeds up the music that has a funky beat alongside a piano, and Lauren & Neil perform it beautifully and effortlessly as some sort of alien beings.

And Sabra and Dominic’s Jive was so quick and flawless; it was almost like watching the whole dance in fast forward. They brought a great new vibe to the jive and certainly delivered on its fast-paced, fun style and beat.

Sabra is as cute as a button and Dominic continues to impress with his versatility. Hang on people, a new couple is fighting for the top.

They keep saying they are going to switch up the partners, and I’m wondering if next week is the magic moment. Hold on tight as that will be an interesting whirlwind watching the dancers adapt to new settings.

Sabra and Dominic’s Jive

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