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Lost Season 4 Preview Video | Starting In February – Will The Losties Get Rescued?

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Lost Season 4 Preview Video | Starting In February – Will The Losties Get Rescued?

I’m a huge fan of Lost, and it’s been far too long a wait between the cliffhanger from the last episode of season 3 and the first of the forthcoming season 4.

We’re almost there, but not quite, with the new series due to start in February. The preview video above is a first look, and doesn’t give much away at all.

When we left the island, the Losties were about to be rescued, or were they? Will Ben from the others turn out to be evil as we suspect, or actually the good guy.

I can’t wait until it start again, especially as Heroes has been a bit disappointing this season. This video just makes me want to watch the previous 3 seasons all over again!

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