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Samsung’s New Year’s YouTube Channel | 2008 Thoughts From Celebrities and You


Samsung’s New Year’s YouTube Channel | 2008 Thoughts From Celebrities and You

Samsung New Year's

Back in the old days before video sharing sites like YouTube popped up, people had to write down their New Year’s goals and thoughts. But that’s all over now.

If you want to share your goals or see some of your favorite celebrities’ thoughts about 2008, you should check out Samsung’s New Year’s Channel on YouTube.


They say the best way to achieve your goal is to write it down. So one would expect a video to be even more motivational. Samsung wants you to post a video answering one of the following questions (of course some are about cell phones):

  • Make a video that reveals the one word that is your personal theme for 2008.
  • Reenact the best or worst thing that happend to you in 2007.
  • What cool thing have you done with your mobile phone this year?
  • In 2008 what kind of cool mobile phone should Samsung develop for you?

Tons of celebrities and musicians have already answered some of the questions and gone further explaining their aspirations for the coming year. Tyler Hilton, Lupe Fiasco, Matchbox 20, and Sevendust are just a few names among many.

Lupe Fiasco’s 2008 Mantra

Here’s a few words from Lupe Fiasco. Being the complex kind of guy he is, he chose a Mantra. For those of you that don’t know, a Mantra is word or poem used to concentrate on to achieve success. The literal translation of the word is “instrument of thought”.

[“Samsung Mobile’s New Year’s” YouTube Channel]

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