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Watch Cool Google commemorates Earth Day 2013 animated video!

Google commemorated Earth Day with a neat little animated doodle showing a cycle of all four of our planet’s beautiful seasons....
Iman Peera
49 sec read

Fanboy Funhouse: Web Series For Geeks | Movies, Comics, Gaming, & More

CraveOnline’s new web series Fanboy Funhouse is sure to satisfy the inner-geek in all of us. Every two-weeks the show focuses...
Iman Peera
30 sec read

The Bannen Way: New Action Web Series | Gangsters, Guns, & Gambling

Crackle’s new web series ‘The Bannen Way’ has all the ingredients for an online action hit. Gansters, guns, and gambling? Check....
Iman Peera
33 sec read

Adorable Baby Tiger Cub Video | Much Cuter Than Any Golfer

That philandering golfer Tiger Woods is giving tigers everywhere a bad name. This video reminds us that tigers can be downright...
Lauren Katulka
22 sec read

Cool Beatboxing Flute Cover of “Sesame Street” Theme Video

With the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street just passing us by, it seems appropriate to reinterpret the classic children’s TV show...
Lauren Katulka
22 sec read

Michael Jackson Tribute Video | One Guy Creates A Capella Harmony Group for MJ Medley

Michael Jackson may be gone, but he’s certainly not forgotten. Yale University student Sam Tsui remembered the late King of Pop...
Lauren Katulka
21 sec read

Amazing Child Acrobats on Ukraine’s Got Talent Video | So Cute and So Talented!

This video from Ukraine’s Got Talent has a double dose of value. It shows that the Baltic nation doesn’t only have...
Lauren Katulka
25 sec read

CBS Creates Eyelab | New Site Designed For Video Mashups Inspired By Caruso One Liners

CBS is about to embark on yet another way of using the web to promote their TV network and programmes on...
Mathew Ingram
1 min read

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WebTVHub aims to be the leading website for anything to do with online video and internet television. If you haven’t noticed...
Chris Tew
48 sec read