Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Interesting People, Music Videos, News and Video On Demand by Julie Popp on July 26, 2007

Wow, this almost doesn’t even seem possible. This guy here is strumming two guitars simultaneously, without technically strumming, and amazingly recreates the well-known and well-played Simpson’s theme song.

I almost don’t believe that he is actually doing this, because I always thought you had to actually strum the strings of a guitar to get it to make music; but this guy doesn’t strum the strings, not once.

However, he still managed to play the theme song in its entirety without so much of a missed note.

And I thought being able to play a little Metallica or Pearl Jam on the guitar was impressive, as those are some majorly hard masters to replicate, but this dude, Zack Kim, takes the musical instrument beyond ordinary.

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