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Watch ‘Blowin’ Up’ Full Episodes | Jamie Kennedy’s Comedy Show Online


Watch ‘Blowin’ Up’ Full Episodes | Jamie Kennedy’s Comedy Show Online

Jamie Kennedy Blowin Up

If you’ve ever seen Malibu’s Most Wanted, then you know how funny Jamie Kennedy is. This white boy may be the biggest wigger on planet earth, but he was also born to do it.

After the success of “Malibu’s Most Wanted” Jamie thought that he might stand a chance as a rapper, so he started the show ‘Blowin Up’. The eight-episode series was centered on Jamie’s “struggle” from a movie star to a rap star.

Of course, he used his many connections to achieve his goal. Throughout the show there are numerous cameos from rappers like Mike Jones, Ice-T, and Three 6 Mafia. Also, Bob Saget (yes the guy from ‘Full House’) surprisingly makes a few special appearances.

Sadly, the show (and his rap career), weren’t too successful. After one CD and a only a single season, the show was canceled. However, you can still catch these hilarious episodes online.

Episode List

  • 1) Dope-Ass Rapper
  • 2) Law & Disorderlies
  • 3) Grillz
  • 4) Up Your Shit
  • 5) Do It Yourself
  • 6) The Break Up (A.K.A. Starting Over)
  • 7) Guilty Pleasure
  • 8) Deal With It

‘Rollin Wit Saget’ (Music Video)

Here’s the uncensored version of Jamie and Stu’s “Rollin Wit Saget” music video. Who knew Bob Saget could be so…gangsta. I guess he really is the “coolest muthafucka in a cardigan sweater!”

[Watch ‘Blowin’ Up’ on iFilm]

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