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Watch ‘Jackass 2.5’ Movie Free Online | Viacom Plans Streaming Jackass Episodes


Watch ‘Jackass 2.5’ Movie Free Online | Viacom Plans Streaming Jackass Episodes

Jackass 2.5

Viacom recently announced its plans to turn their Jackass franchise into internet history. When Jackass 2 was filmed, enough extra footage was shot for a whole separate movie.

Apparently the full-length movie will be released exclusively online on December 19th for free.

But how on earth can Paramount release an R-rated movie online? Viacom hopes to utilize Microsoft’s Silverlight technology. The media player will age-restrict the viewing and make it ad-supported.

Jackass 2.5 Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for the new movie. It promises to be every bit as entertaining as the others with all-new stunts and interviews.

Even if the project fails, however, Viacom still hopes the buzz will attract viewers to JackassWorld; the official online resident for the show as of February 9th 2008. Whether or not a new season will be launched there is yet to be announced, but 24 episodes of Jackass are promised.

Thomas Lesinski, the President of Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment, confidently announced:

“The Jackass movie is the first of several feature films that we plan on distributing online and as the digital world evolves, Paramount will continue to turn digital distribution of content on its head.”

One things for sure: they aren’t half-assing this.

[JackassWorld Official Site]

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