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As you may already know, it’s game day! The New York Giants vs. New England Patriots are facing off on the Super Bowl XLII.

Some of you may actually be excited about the game; others (including me) are a bit more hyped up about the ads.

Now you can view all of the Super Bowl ads from last year and this year’s game in one place. MSNBC’s annual “Super Bowl Showdown” allows you to watch and vote on every Super Bowl ad.


Personally, I’m excited about the advisement for Michael Jackson’s Special Edition Thriller Re-Release. It’s supposed to feature Akon. When asked to describe it in a recent interview, Akon said:

“Oh, he might kill me,” Akon laughed about Jackson. “But it’s gonna be funny. You’re going to love it. He’s not even in it. But it’s crazy. I want to tell you so bad!”

No, you can’t see the ads before they hit the TV (that would spoil it), but you can watch all of them after the game. In the meantime, feel free to vote on last year’s ads.

[EDIT] There is now a myspace page dedicated to viewing the new Super Bowl Ads. See it here.

[The “Super Bowl Ad Showdown” on MSNBC]

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