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Xbox 360 Web TV on the way


Xbox 360 Web TV on the way

Xbox 360Exciting news has come out of Microsoft this month stating that the Xbox will be launching a Web TV service towards the end of this year.

Whether you can get the service depends on how good your internet connection is since a beefy connection will be needed so you can watch and record two high definition web TV channels and 2 standard definition channels simultaneously.

The Web TV edition of the Xbox should feature a 120GB hard drive, HDMI ports, will come with DVR functionality and you will be able to take advantage of the Xbox 360 community-based features, such as voice chat, sending and receiving text and voice messages, and accessing Xbox Live Marketplace, while watching TV. You can also play games while recording web TV.

It’s not yet known what sort of TV content we can be expecting from the Xbox 360 Web Television service but it is expected that Microsoft will be hooking up with the TV networks to create Web TV Channels.

Want to know more? Watch the video on our sister site Web TV Wire.

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