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BMX Jump Fail Video | Lift The Front Wheel!

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BMX Jump Fail Video | Lift The Front Wheel!

Another day, another douche. That’s right folks, it’s time to watch another complete and utter tool fail at doing something stupid. And then shout FAIL at him while making the Loser sign on our foreheads.

I never tire of seeing people fail in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. Hell, they don’t even have to be weird or wonderful, with the normal, everyday stuff being hilarious when someone is failing to do it correctly.

All this guy had to do was lift his front wheel just a little bit and he may have landed successfully. Or, I don’t know, made a landing ramp out of something a little firmer than dirt. Yeah, that might have done it.

Instead he just drops in face-first. Literally. If you’ve ever wanted to know what soil tasted like then this is the guy to ask. Because he will have got a mouthful and a load in his nose all at the same time. Tasty.

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