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Watch Hilarious Video: “Borrowing Clothes” | JustKiddingFilms

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Watch Hilarious Video: “Borrowing Clothes” | JustKiddingFilms

This is all about the facts and worse case scenario in chicks borrowing your clothes. Why are there so many double standards? Maybe because guys look terrible in skirts…

Although there are plenty of times where wife beaters can be mixed up no matter if you’re a guy or a girl…hey! It happens! Why just the other day…

Personal accounts aside, girls love wearing their boyfriend’s clothes. And why not? They’re sexy doing it. This doesn’t mean we should trade places. It’s just a funny scenario if we did. Except in those cases where guys actually do wear frilly aprons, skinny jeans, and their girlfriend’s underwear (come on guys, that’s a bit too far) then you’re borderline homo if not that way altogether.

Which if you are, cool. If not, STOP WEARING YOU’RE GIRLFRIEND’S CLOTHES. It’s not hot or cute or whatever the hell she says. It’s all a lie to emasculate you bro! Run away!

I mean….personal stories aside, it’s just a little…too far.

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