10-Year Old Refuses To Say Pledge Of Allegiance (Video) | Standing Up For Gay Rights?

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Taking a political stance was basically the last thing on an average 10 year-old’s mind. Here we have a young boy who refuses to say the pledge due to the line “justice for all.”

According to him, it isn’t true because gays don’t have equal rights.

The father in this video must be really proud of his kid. Not only is he standing up for what he believes, but he’s doing it at such a young age! As a matter of fact, I can’t recall kids not standing up for the pledge in elementary school- it was just expected.

Perhaps the younger generations are getting more ballsy, or perhaps the father’s ideologies are rubbing off on his kid (which is probably the case). Either way, it’s refreshing to see a kid in public school questioning something other than the ingredients in the cafeteria’s lunch meat.

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