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12 Days of Christmas is a true classic amongst Christmas songs, with many reworkings by various artists over the years. But this is the first time the song has been re-recorded to better echo Indian life.

I know the reworked lyrics are stereotyped and probably offensive to some but I think it’s all pretty harmless and plays on the ideas we all have nicely. Therefore the lyrics are risqué but tell the truth quite well.

There are lots of Indian IT graduates, there are a few 7/11 workers who happen to be Indian, and Bollywood films are ten a penny. The only line that’s a little strange is the Hare Krishna one because I didn’t know it was an Indian religion, but a quick search on Google confirms it is indeed.

This is a fun interpretation of a classic slice of Christmas that I hope entertains rather than offends. I’ll be sending the link to an Indian friend of mine and I guarantee she’ll laugh… at least I hope she does.

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