Are you an Apple fanboy or girl? I hope not. I mean, admire Apple all you want, and love its products all you want, but don’t take your admiration for the company or the gadgets it manufactures to the point of no return. Please.

Apple is announcing a new iPhone, possibly an iPhone 4S (a slightly upgraded version of the iPhone 4) or more likely the new iPhone 5. Both could actually make an appearance at the Apple announcement.

In honor of the occasion here is a video showing 25 signs you might be an Apple fanboy or Apple fangirl. And some of them are very amusing. All are sad.

There is an even simpler way to determine whether someone is an Apple fanboy though. Do they (or even you) defend Apple at every turn, even if the company has erred or released something that is clearly trash? If so then I advice you to seek counseling before it’s too late.

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