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Watch Hilarious Video “Fictional Friends” | British TV

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Watch Hilarious Video “Fictional Friends” | British TV

Yup. Yup, it’s another one of those trendy British punk kids with cool video ideas but at least he’s entertaining. “I would rather live in the fictional world than the real one…”

“The dangers of becoming addicted to fictional universes and the heartbreak that ensues when they inevitably betray you.
This may or may not explain what I have spent most of my time doing recently. ..make sure to tell me what you’re watching/being heartbroken by at the moment! You guys have good taste so I look forward to seeing it. haha.”

Oh I bet you’re so alone…all your friends have gone off to college, well why the hell haven’t you? Don’t fill up the hole in your soul. You need it to keep craving more out of your life! Everything must end and “Remember, you must die.”

This is not that tragic but his words ring true for some overweight internet junkies. Get off the computer and go frolic in some flowers! And really…everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is judging you.

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