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5 Fake UFO Sighting Clips | Hilarious and Crazy Fake Videos

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5 Fake UFO Sighting Clips | Hilarious and Crazy Fake Videos

UFOI get a special thrill out of laughing at fake UFO videos. I think of all the sad, pathetic people out there who actually believe that these amatuerly-made short films are, in fact, authentic.

Following are some of the fakest, most ridiculous UFO videos on the web. While watching these, you can be 100% sure that they are, indeed, fake.

The Clearest Fake UFO Video

This is, by far, the fakest UFO sighting clip that you’ll ever view. What makes this video particularly laugh-out-loud worthy is the cameraman’s commentary. “Jesus! Oh my God, what is it??” His adorable British accent makes it even more view-worthy.

Haiti and Dominican Republic UFO Sightings Proven Fake

This video starts out by showing us the original Haiti and Dominican Republic UFO sighting videos. Then, ever so maticulously, the video step-by-step proves out extremely fake the videos actually are.

Black and White Fake UFO Video

This video looks like it came straight out of an old 1950s science fiction film. The sound effects give an added artificiality to the video, and I find myself shaking my head in complete awe.


This is another of those videos that I love because of the commentary. “Oh my God, we’ve been invaded again! First it’s Paris Hilton, and now the balloons!” Classic.

Real Footage of a Fake UFO

I have to wonder how much time the cameraman has on his hands. This is one of the most fake UFO videos I have ever seen. Don’t you love how you can see the line suspending the “UFO”?

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