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5 Hilarious World of Warcraft Music Videos

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5 Hilarious World of Warcraft Music Videos

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the biggest online game in the world. This worldwide role-playing phenomenon has been blamed for the failed relationships and insomnia of many addicted gamers.

But there is a sweetener. Even if you hate the game commonly known as “World of Warcrack,” it’s easy to appreciate these hilarious music videos.

These funny film clips showcase the naughtier side of the online game, where drinking, dancing and debauchery is never far away.

The Internet is for Porn

Never were truer words spoken. There’s a saying that it doesn’t matter what you type into a search engine: it will lead to porn. This song, from the Broadway musical Avenue Q, celebrates this universal truth.

It’s a very funny song anyway, but even more so when delivered by a girly cow creature and a real male chauvinist pig.

Sex Bomb

Nothing says gay like Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb. Pair it with some muscle bound men and some groovetastic dance moves and it’s pinker than Barbra Streisand duetting with Madonna.

I’m Too Sexy

While we’re in the mood for camp, I couldn’t resist including this little gem. This hunk of pixels truly is too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan.

I’m convinced that Right Said Fred had something like this in mind when they penned their disco anthem.

Under the Scotsman’s Kilt

This clip perfectly depicts the Scottish ballad, Under the Scotsman’s Kilt. If nothing else I found myself wondering why a Scotsman would go out without underpants when he intended to get schlagered. Perhaps he doesn’t mind the attentions of curious young women after all.

The Beer Song

We’ve got time for one more video of drunken World of Warcraft characters, so I figured I’d cram as many alcoholic druids, mages, and warlocks into this one as I could.

The soundtrack is a brilliant track by the king of parody Weird Al Yankovic. Charge your glasses and enjoy the merriment!

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