Parkour Free Running Tag Video | The Most Extreme Game Of Tag Ever!

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I’m a big fan of Parkour, also known as the extreme sport of Free Running. That is, I love to watch masters of the craft demonstrate it, though I rarely do it myself.

The thing is, we all used to do this when we were young. I would always be climbing on a wall and balancing, or jumping between bollards on my way home from school.

These guys take the art or sport of Parkour to a whole other level though, displaying skills and tricks way beyond the levels of school children and plebs like me.

This video shows one of the best ever amateur sequences, with two guys playing a game of Parkour tag through the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland.

It looks really fun, although very tiring. I don’t think I’m fit enough to do what they do; I’d have collapsed through exhaustion about half way through.

The music, Body Moving by The Beastie Boys sets the film off superbly, and I’ve watched this many times already, and will probably carry on doing so.


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