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No doubt, if you’re the average American one of your new year’s resolutions is to get in better shape. If you’re reading this from an office, chances are this goal seems a bit far fetched; sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day doesn’t leave much time for exercise.

Or does it? You can sacrifice 5 minutes can’t you?


Those that keep up with reality TV may recognize the host of ’5 Minute Office Workout.’ Since the show Biggest Loser gained so much online popularity, MSN thought it would be a great idea to have personal trainer Bob Harper star. In each webisode he visits a different cubicle and introduces a new workout.

Exercising At Work?

Bob’s approach to exercising at work doesn’t require breaking a sweat but rather burning calories. In fact, the majority of the 47 exercises he proposes can be done while sitting or standing. He also points out that workers should also watch what they pack in their “Lunch Box” if they ever want to lose weight.

Episode 21: Ball Crunches

In this latest episode, Bob visits a Vice President to help her trim weight off her stomach area.

[Click To Watch ’5 Minute Office Workout’ on MSN]

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