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5 Terrible Teenage Talk Show Guests | These Girls Are Out of Control

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5 Terrible Teenage Talk Show Guests | These Girls Are Out of Control

Sugar and spice and all things nice. That’s what little girls are made of, right? Well, the parents of these talk show guests must Tonguehave left something out of the recipe. They’re smoking, drinking, having sex, and brawling, and they don’t care who knows about it!

Let’s remember though, these situations don’t just happen. Where were the parents when these girls began to go off the rails? It’s easy to point the fingers at these repulsive teenagers, but let’s not forget about the moms and dads!

You think you’ve seen unladylike behavior before? You haven’t seen anything yet!

15-Year-Old Slut on “Maury”

Victoria is a real prize. She’s foul-mouthed, aggressive, rude, and an absolute skank. In fact, she’s had sex over 300 times with more than 15 men!

What’s behind her promiscuous behavior? Apparently she is desperate to have a baby. Because she’s just the kind of person who should be breeding!

Teenage Strippers on “Jenny Jones”

These girls believe that if you’ve got it, flaunt it. The only problem is, the oldest one is only sixteen!

These loudmouthed skanks think exotic dancing is a much better career move than finishing high school, and their parents insist they’re powerless to stop them. If these girls were mine there’s no way they’d leaving the house!

14-Year-Old “Maury” Guest Out of Control

Autumn looks like a real sweetheart. Then she opens her mouth. This obnoxious teenager insists she can do whatever she wants, and it seems she does. She drinks like a fish, has sex with multiple partners, beats up on her siblings and steals cars.

This video’s short, but I’m not sure my ears could handle much more of her screaming!

Jailbird Teen Mom on “Ricki Lake”

Tionna is a 15-year-old mom who’s been arrested a whopping 13 times for fighting and theft. She also loves to smoke weed and drink, but she insists she puts her baby first. Yeah right.

She’d also like us to believe that when she turns 16 she’ll clean up her act. Again, yeah right.

“Maury’s” Teen Guest Beats Up and Stabs Kids

Angelique: such a pretty name for such a thuggish girl! This 15-year-old seems like an absolute psycho, admitting that she gets a rush from beating up other girls.

But that’s not all. Whores get decent money for sex, but Angelique’s happy to do it for a can of Coca Cola. Looking at her, she probably didn’t need the soda.

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