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Iraq Political Videos | 6 Biggest Lies of Iraq – Exposing The Bush Administration’s Dirt

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Iraq Political Videos | 6 Biggest Lies of Iraq – Exposing The Bush Administration’s Dirt

Bush Arrested

It’s been six years since the start of the Bush Administration’s occupation of Iraq, and there’s no telling how much longer the United States’ presence will remain. However, one thing we can do is take a look back at the many mistakes and outright fabrications that the Bush Administration has fed to the public.

As a citizen of the United States myself, I admit that I was once unaware of the abundance of propaganda in the US mainstream media. The fib about Weapons of Mass Destruction is only a small scratch on the giant surface of misinformation.

Here are 6 videos I found analyzing the biggest lies of Iraq. All it took was a little digging, but I found a lot of dirt.

1) Iraq & 9/11

First up is the lie about Iraq and 9/11 being linked. One of the main reasons we went to Iraq was because President Bush linked Iraq to the 9/11 attacks. Here are various clips that debunk that claim. Oddly enough, it’s President Bush himself that does it.

2) WMDs & “Curveball”

How could we forget “Curveball?” It’s the alias the CIA gave to the Iraqi informant Rafid Ahmed Alwan who claimed to know where the WMDs were. But as we can see from this clip, he was really a con man. I don’t know about you, but my background gets checked every time I apply for a job.

3) Downing Street Memos

For those that don’t know about the Downing Street Memos, they were documents that nearly proved that the war in Iraq was pre-meditated and “fixed.” While these memos were very “hush hush” on most cable networks, leave it to Jon Stewart to expose them bluntly.

4) Jessica Lynch

Do you remember that “war-hero” Jessica Lynch? Reportedly, the teenage P.O.W. was rescued after an ambush. But after further investigation, it turns out she never even shot anyone. Her “bullet and stab wounds” were actually broken bones from a car crash.

5) Toppling of Saddam’s Statue

Ah yes, the “historic scene” of toppling of Saddam Husein statue in front of a “crowd of jubilant Iraqis.” In reality, the toppling was a staged event organized by the U.S. Military. Here’s the footage you didn’t see on TV. These Iraqi’s actually look bored!

6) Symphony Of Lies

Last but not least, we have a finale video of the Bush Administration doing what they do best: lying. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice join Bush in some of the most ridiculous comments every said on national TV; and it’s all set to the song ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ by The Verve.


Despite all the facts presented, there are still millions of Americans that support the war in Iraq. A war that’s cost 4,000 lives (and counting) and burning over $275 million on a daily basis. In fact, based on a recent poll, 28% still believe the lie that Saddam Hussein and the attacks on The World Trade Center were related.

Then again, there will always be opposing political views in a country based on Democracy. Let the debate begin.

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