Ok, I couldn’t quite see that old Ben Franklin, played by Jack Black, was the drunkard here, as the narrator seemed to be the intoxicated one; and what was going on in his pants while he was telling his strange story, on par with even stranger stories like Epic Movie.

This interesting skit is supposed to be how “life works,” and I can sort of see that, I guess. But, I was thinking that the point of the story was drink vodka, try to seduce your best friends girlfriend, and wham, you’ll become the genius inventor of your time?

I love Jack Black as an actor and a comedian, I mean, come’ on, you can’t beat Shallow Hal and School of Rock, as he brings this sort of strangeness to his roles and to his comedy.

Love him or hate him, that sort of goes for his skits too. Either they get ya, or they get under your skin, but you’ve gotta appreciate it either way you sit.

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