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When I watched ABC’s 20/20 special of Michael Jackson the other day, I felt thoroughly offended by one particular segment. Not by the interviews or the re-caps of his performances, but by the above clip that suggests what Michael’s “natural” face would look like today.

Just pause the above video at the 38 second mark to see what I’m talking about.

I, along with millions of other fans, have often wondered what Michael’s face would look like today had he not used plastic surgery or not had a skin disease. A quick search in Google Images reveals hundreds of pictures like this one:

MJ’s Real Face

Obviously, no one can possibly know exactly how Mr. Jackson’s real face would look like, but I’m willing to bet it’s closer to this. And, is it just me, or do the teeth in 20/20′s images get worse and worse as they time lapse?

Someone needs to let the graphic artists at ABC know that a program called Photoshop exists and that they can stop screwing around with MS Paint.

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