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Acceptable.TV | Jack Black’s new TV series where you vote for what you want to see

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Acceptable.TV | Jack Black’s new TV series where you vote for what you want to see

AcceptableTVAcceptable.TV is a new TV series that premieres at 10pm tonight on VH1. The series has Tenacious D funny man Jack Black on board as an executive producer. The show will work hand in hand with internet video where users of the Acceptable.TV website can vote for what is shown on the episodes aired on VH1

Acceptable.TV works where each week television viewers will see five new three-minute episodes of proposed TV series. Viewers will then vote on the website and the three with the least votes get cancelled. When the next week comes there will be three fresh pilots and voting begins all over again.

On top of this there will be a single user generated mini-episode that will be shown on Acceptable.TV each week. It will be the user-submitted-episode that gets the most votes on the website that will be aired on VH1.

Jack BlackOf course all the user generated videos and proposed TV series can be seen on the YouTube style Acceptable.TV site. You even get to mingle with Jack Black who’ll also be voting for videos along with everyone else (as well as starring in some of them as well I imagine).

Channels similar to AcceptableTV:

Acceptable.TV smells very similar to the likes of Sumo.TV, the pure user generated TV channel where users vote for videos to be aired on the channel. It is shown on SKY Channel 146 in the UK.

There is also CurrentTV which features "pods", or short programs, of which 30% are created by viewers and users and are usually of a documentary style. The CurrentTV channel, which is led by vice president Al Gore, is available in the US on a number of networks, and in the UK on Sky channel 229 and Virgin Media Channel 155.

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