Adidas Pairs with Dynamo for SneakerMagic | Viral Ads with Street Magic Tricks Videos

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If you’re a fan of street magic like I am, then you’ll love Adidas’s latest viral campaign: SneakerMagic. Started a year ago (and appearing to have died off), SneakerMagic combined street magic acts from Dynamo and Adidas branded shoes in series of entertaining viral commercials.

Finally, a product placement done right.

Dynamo who? Think of him as the “English David Blaine”. Only, he doesn’t try to kill himself annually. Don’t think you’ve seen every trick in the book just yet.

Some of these tricks are really creative when it comes to the product placement aspect of it all; for instance, when Dynamo pulls out a can of Coke from his sneaker.

Another amazing one is when he “ties his trainers” (that’s sneakers for the rest of us) without ever touching his shoes. Later, he gives his foot a shake and his laces change color.

I have to admit after seeing that, I did kind of want some Adidas shoes.

Sneaker Magic Video

[SneakerMagic YouTube Channel]


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