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Afterworld: Popular Animated Sci-Fi Web Series | ‘I Am Legend’ With A White Guy?


Afterworld: Popular Animated Sci-Fi Web Series | ‘I Am Legend’ With A White Guy?


Afterworld is a popular online Sci-Fi web series produced by Stan Rogow (State of Grace, Nowhere Man). The story centers around Russell Shoemaker: a traveling business man that wakes up to suddenly find that all electronic technology is dead and that 99.9% of the human population has gone.

Think of it as an animated version of I Am Legend, that is, with a white guy instead of Will Smith.

Since it’s MySpace debut August of last year, Afterworld has continued to gain millions of viewers on a monthly basis. Each episode is a sort of documentary of Shoemaker’s 3,000 mile journey to across America; a trip he takes with the hope of finding his family in his hometown Seattle, Washington.

No New Episodes?

Season 2 has ended and the show is currently on a break until the fall. As the creators state on their YouTube channel, “[this is] a chance for new fans to catch up on episodes, read all the journal entries and develop their own theories.” After Thanksgiving, the show will resume with seasons 3 and 4.

Episode 1

This is the very first episode of Afterworld. Some may find the animated story visually appealing, while others may find is an annoyance compared to most web series with real actors.

[Watch ‘AfterworldTV’ on YouTube]

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  1. Brent

    March 15, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    All 130 episodes comprising Season 1 are currently online at the official AW site – After you watch the eps, and you want a deeper experience, read Russ’s journal, the character bios and the “Afterwords” storylines on the WordWall (forum.) If you want to join the speculation about what caused “The Fall,” check out the Afterworld Theories site –

  2. Jackson

    March 18, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Wow! That’s all I can say. You guys can compare it to “I Am Legend” all you want, but for some reason I like this more. The narrative is really well done, and the voice is great. Kind of reminds me of the Resistance: Fall of Man or Max Payne narrative. You should definitely submit this to the Emmys. They are currently accepting online content submissions. I’m currently working with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and I’m getting the word out. So if you know anyone associated with AFTERWORLD, please pass the message along. The first deadline is April 7th. Let’s hope the Afterworld web series wins. I’ll be honest, today was the first time i checked it out and I’m already on episode 10. Let’s go for the win you guys.

    Here’s the link: ***spam link removed***

    There it will give you more details on how to submit necessary information.

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