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Aging McDonalds Video | Four Years Old And Still Looks Tasty!

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Aging McDonalds Video | Four Years Old And Still Looks Tasty!

In Super Size Me, documentary maker Morgan Spurlock alerted us to the dangers of McDonalds. I must admit that it didn’t have much of an impact with me. I certainly wasn’t eating this fast food because I thought it was healthy.

But here’s a video that’s actually made me stop and think about what I’m really consuming when I chow down on those chips.

Here obesity expert Julia Havey shows us what the fries and burger look like several years down the track. The scary part is, they look the same. I’ve left bread out for a week and it looked worse than this bun does!

Seeing the four-year-old McDonalds fries compared to the three-month old potato slices is particularly shocking.

Just how many preservatives does this food contain to ward off mould and other nasties? And an even scarier thought, what is it doing to us to eat them?

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1 Comment

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