OK, OK, calm down man. None of us intelligent souls like Justin Bieber, but there’s no need to have a heart attack over it. And no, that isn’t a misspelling in the title of the post, Jones actually calls the pop ladyboy Justin Biebler.

I sense some anger issues here. Alex Jones, a right-wing, conservative conspiracy theorist who hosts a talk radio show and runs a couple of websites, really doesn’t like Justin Bieber. Or Lady Gaga. Or Michael Jordan, for that matter.

Jones issue with these people is that they’re false idols, people who are held in great esteem for doing very little, and certainly nothing that benefits the human race as a whole.

Although I think Jones needs to cool it a little, he’s actually got a point. I don’t understand the high regard we hold celebrities in these days, particularly talentless individuals such as Justin Bieber.

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