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After having spent four years in prison in Italy for the death of her former roommate, Meredith Kercher, the Italian Supreme Court judges are now deciding whether to have a retrial or appeal to extradite her case to the U.S. courts. Lucky for her, you can’t be tried for the same case twice!

Against her own better judgment, this girl wants to return to Italy as with a clean record. But after reading what Italian prosecutor Giovanni Galati is saying, “We are still convinced that they are the co-authors of Meredith’s homicide,” I doubt people won’t recognize her.

In all fairness, another man was convicted of murdering her roommate besides Amanda and her boyfriend. Though after admitting that he was definitely banging her, they let that guy go. The Italian authorities apparently don’t even have enough evidence to truly say that Amanda is the definite killer but she’s already had to do some time in jail and now they’re bringing this case back up again because they made a little uh-oh with their suspicions of Americans.

Who knows…maybe Amanda did kill her roommate. Had this been in the U.S. with these same details, this girl would have been scott-free. But no, with all this running around, both suspects have decided to write their memoirs for some sympathy points. God bless America for freedom of speech and all our clever loop-holes.

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