Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, BasketBall TV & Videos, Cool Tricks & Pranks and Video On Demand by Iman Peera on September 9, 2009

Guy Dupuy, who is known by his fans as “Easy Jumper,” is committed to being in the 2010 Sprite NBA dunk contest. No, he isn’t an actual NBA player, but he can sure dunk the hell out of a goal.

Here he can be seen doing an incredible between-the-legs, over-a-chair, out-of-a-hand dunk.

Guy Dupuy is asking for your vote in the Sprite Slam Dunk Show Down where 4 dunkers will head to NBA All-Star 2010 to compete in the championships. Already, he is one of the top 10 finalists, but he’s still making viral videos to gain more votes.

As good as Guy Dupuy may be, I just don’t know if he stands a chance against some of his rivals like “The Air Up There.”

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