Amazing Enormous Leaf Burning Video | Crazy Rednecks Light a Trail of Fire

31 sec read

Falling leaves only means one thing to southerners: leaf burning. I don’t know how popular this dangerous pastime is outside of the South, but burning leaves has been one of the primary redneck activities since their discovery of fire (most likely very recently).

It’s slightly cool, slightly stupid, but above all things, mostly redneck.

As a resident of Georgia, I am always annoyed when I roll down the window in the car only to take in the foul smell of burning leaves. The crazy rednecks in this video show us what must be one of the biggest leaf burnings in history.

Within seconds of lighting the first leaf, all the other leaves come ablaze. At this point we realize how many hours of work they put into raking those leaves. To see that first-hand must be incredible. Incredibly stupid.

And we wonder how forest fires are started.


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