Posted in: Action Videos, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News, News Videos & TV and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on March 13, 2011

I’m sure we’ve all watched a number of videos showing the tsunami caused by a huge 8.9-magnitude earthquake hitting Japan last week. But this clip is a little different, showing the same wave hitting the California coastline 9,000 Km away.

OK, so the wave that is seen in this video shot in Emeryville is nowhere near as strong or powerful as the one which hit the east coast of Japan, purely because of the huge distances involved.

However, just imagine how much force there was in that earthquake to push water 9,000 Km. That is nature putting on a pretty awesome display of power right there.

The death toll in Japan is creeping up by the day, and if the nuclear plant that was damaged in the earthquake goes into meltdown then I dread to think what the outcome will be. This really does show how puny the human race is when all is said and done.

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