Amazing Science Experiment Video | How To Make “Hot Ice” Sculptures

34 sec read

The word “hot” doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of ice, yet this experiment shows you how to easily transform a liquid into a solid with just a touch of your finger.

I think I might just get me some NaCH2COOH (sodium acetate).

For this experiment the only materials you really need are 500 grams of sodium acetate, water and a pan. According to the author of the video, this can all be obtained for less than $25 USD. From there, all that’s left is to super-saturate the solution and let it cool.

Presto! When the liquid comes in contact with your skin, it will instantly heat up and turn into a solid block of “hot ice.” The video suggests that a fun thing to do with solution would be to make sculptures, but I happen to think mixing it in a toilet bowl would make an even more fun prank.

Whatever you do, just don’t eat it.


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