Posted in: Animals and Pets, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News and Video On Demand by Lauren Katulka on August 4, 2007

While visiting America I learned most people don’t see the value of the humble squirrel. While I was cooing over my first wild encounter, my husband was telling me they’re just pests who carry rabies.

This video goes some way towards proving my point that squirrels are fantastic. I’ve got to admit though; even I didn’t realize they were capable of such cleverness.

The first part of the video shows a squirrel navigating an elaborate obstacle course, complete with high wires, moving platforms, and death-defying jumps. There are circus acrobats that couldn’t manage the course, but this little guy never falters.

The video then shows a very sneaky squirrel, who raids a vending machine. This naughty little squirrel looks very pleased with himself as he hops away with a chocolate bar. Little does he realize that he won’t be able to fit in the machine if he does it too often!

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