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Amazing Zach LaVine Space Jam Slam Dunk

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Amazing Zach LaVine Space Jam Slam Dunk

I’m not a natural sportsman, so I personally find any real exhibition of sporting prowess rather impressive. However, some are obviously more impressive than others.

Take this slam-dunk, for example, made by Zach LaVine during the 2015 Sprite Slam-Dunk Contest. It’s about as impressive a thing as you’re likely to see on a basketball court.

LaVine referred to this particular slam-dunk as the Space Jam Slam-Dunk. Which I’m guessing means it featured in the movie Space Jam. I honestly can’t remember, but then it was a pretty forgettable film.

Whatever the truth, this is spectacular. And no, I won’t be trying to replicate this move myself anytime soon, as I’d probably end up breaking a leg.

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