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AMC Movie Talk – MAN OF STEEL Review and Discussion – {SPOILER} Video

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AMC Movie Talk – MAN OF STEEL Review and Discussion – {SPOILER} Video

On this special 1 hour AMC Movie Talk, the crew talks about their experience of watching the new Superman movie MAN OF STEEL. WARNING – If you have not yet seen MAN OF STEEL, this video contains spoilers. We suggest putting this video in your favorites and coming back to watch it after you’ve seen the movie.

As for those worthless critics who lack a real job…here’s what they have to say:

The reviews are in, and while most movie critics agree that the newest retelling of the classic Superman story is worth seeing, “Man of Steel” is weighed down by pathos and too much kryptonite.

Featuring Henry Cavill in the red-and-blue tights, and Amy Adams as his love interest, this Zack Snyder-directed story by the “Dark Knight” trilogy’s Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer (with Goyer penning the screenplay), gets bogged down by its own gravity, and lacks the fun and light-heartedness of previous movie and TV versions, according to the critics.

Shut your mouth. Everyone with a decent taste for entertainment loves this movie. That’s what it’s there for. How many times do we need to watch the same Superman and comic reply over again? Nolan was trying to be different. Can’t these fools see that?

I say we vote to eradicate the role of critic. It’s NOT A REAL JOB.

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