Posted in: Automobiles, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News, Tech Related and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on June 15, 2017

As you’re probably aware your car has a horn. It’s intended to help you get other drivers’ attentions when they’re in the way or doing something stupid.

However, having just one horn is quite limiting. Especially as numerous different situations crop up when you’re driving. The answer? DIY car horns to suit all occasions.

This guy installed three extra car horns to compliment the one installed as standard.

When you want to be nice there’s the R2-D2 sound effect or the two quick beeps, both of which are really inoffensive.

And then when people are being absolute dicks you can hit them with the loud, obnoxious, and really quite startling sound of a speeding locomotive. Genius.

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