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Amy Alexandra Big Brother 8 Video | Liam Flirts & Sleeps With Amy

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Amy Alexandra Big Brother 8 Video | Liam Flirts & Sleeps With Amy

Amy Alexandra is a 21 year old glamour model… but don’t make any judgements purely based on that will you.

Instead, watch her in action, as she first flirts with Liam in the garden of the halfway house before making a temporary bed on the floor and sleeping in it with him.

I love Liam in this clip, and as he fights against Brian for favourite to win the whole Big Brother 2007 contest, he needs more displays of manliness such as this.

He could have come across as a total prat as he woos Amy with his acrobatic skills, and then spends 3 hours talking her in to his bed.

Instead though, he just ends up looking supremely confident and a bit of a ladies man.

I don’t mind Amy, and actually think she’s doing well to change the perception of glamour models. With Jordan as her ultimate role model, that’s quite an achievement.

Everyone in the house (apart from Liam himself) pretty much hates Amy, because she didn’t stand up for her fellow halfway house mates come decision time.

The Big Brother final is approaching, and Amy has no chance of winning come the final, but she’s fit to look at while she IS in there.

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