Andy Rooney, long-time 60 Minutes commentator, has died at the age of 92. He will be sorely missed. This video is a little mocking, but it’s gentle, light-hearted mocking from a place of love.

Rooney was a self-confessed curmudgeon who reveled in being miserable. As someone who embraces being miserable at times I liked Rooney’s style. There was none of this wear a false smile and muddle through attitude that annoys the hell out of me.

Towards the end some of his essays felt a little out of time and out of place, but that’s not all that surprising given that he was in his nineties. And they were still entertaining despite this.

In the end Rooney died just three weeks after he retired. But colleagues insist this is exactly how he would have wanted it. He would have been bored spending 30 years without anything to say.

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