I can’t stand Ann Coulter. She’s one of these people that thinks her opinion counts for more than anyone else’s. It doesn’t, and in fact, I don’t put any stock in what she says anymore because she’s become a caricature of herself.

This video shows her latest appearance on NBC’s Today Show, and is important not because of the ludicrous book Coulter is trying to promote but because it comes amidst allegations that she had been banned by NBC.

She hadn’t, and she had, why would she then be invited back the next day? What actually happened was that NBC decided that the current Middle East crisis was a lot more important than someone trying to hawk her new book and so replaced Coulter with Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

In the interview, she practically refuses to discuss anything that isn’t connected to the book. She then does her typical thing of attacking one group, with single mothers this time being targeted. What a lovely person she is.

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